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Who we are

RWT India Private Limited a name that is embarked in the Indian market for its expertise to offer end-to-end solutions for Water & Waste water treatment. We offer Sewage Treatment Plant/Skid Mounted, ETP Plant (Effluent Treatment Plant), Renovation/Revamping & Up gradation of Existing Sewage Treatment Plants, Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis (RO) / Filtration Plant / Softener / UV / Accessories. We also provide Consultancy Service for Water & Wastewater Management.

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Sewage Treatment Plant (STP Plant)

A sewage treatment plant (STP) is a facility that removes contaminants from wastewater, including domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, to make it safe for discharge into the environment. The treatment process involves physical, chemical, and biological processes that aim to remove pollutants such as organic matter, nutrients, pathogens, and toxic substances.

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Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP Plant)

An Effluent treatment plant (ETP) is a facility that treats the wastewater generated by industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, and food processing, to remove pollutants and make it safe for discharge into the environment. The treatment process involves various physical, chemical, and biological processes, depending on the nature and composition of the wastewater.

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Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP Plant)

A Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) is a facility that treats the wastewater generated by multiple industrial units in a common facility, instead of each unit treating their own wastewater. The CETP is typically operated by a cooperative society or a third-party entity, and the treated wastewater is discharged into the environment or reused for industrial purposes.

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Industries We Serve

We offer wastewater treatment plants to various industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Textiles, Electronics, Paints & Coatings, Cosmetics, Power, Beverage, Dyes and many more...


Consultancy Service

We provide the best Consultancy services for wastewater treatment involve providing our expert advice and support to clients on various aspects of wastewater treatment, including design, planning, implementation, and management of wastewater treatment projects. These services are typically provided by our specialized Expert that have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of wastewater treatment.

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Why us?


We have wide experience in the field of Project Execution for wastewater. Pursuing highest standards and passing through stringent stage wise quality checks, RWT produces a product that can optimize customer's production.


A team of qualified and experienced engineers is always on their toes to provide any technical services to the customers round the clock. This ensures the utmost satisfaction of each customer, therefore an unbeaten faith of their in RWT.

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Our Strength

A devotional team of Engineers is the core strength of our organization. A tuned team of around engineers in various departments of the company and an active group of marketing and customer support executives lead by visionary top management persons are the driving force of RWT.

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Latest News

  1. Supplied Sewage Treatment Plant to Srilanka - 10-100 KLD Capacity based on MBBR/FAB technology
  2. Supplied Water Treatment Plant to Saudi Arbia
  3. Supplied Water Treatment Plant to Nepal
  4. Completed 600 KLD CETP project based on Activated Sludge Process
  1. Completed 150 KLD STP based on SBR Technology
  2. Completed 400 KLD & 100 KLD STP Plant based on MBBR /FAB technology
  3. Completed 10 & 25 KLD Effluent Treatment Plant in Imphal
  4. Completed 45 KLD STP for Hotel Sarovar , Assam
  5. Completed 60 KLD STP for Hitachi � Hi Rel Power Electronics

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